Automobile costs calculator

This calculator will allow you to find the true cost of owning a car in the United States. It will normally give you a good estimate of what you really need to spend on car ownership. As car payments and expenses come due throughout the year, it's often difficult to really get a good understanding of total spending on your car.

Be realistic on the values you input. For unexpected expenses, such as accident repairs or fines, think about how much you have spent on such items over the last few years. By default, these values are calculated on a monthly basis. Use the the dot symbol for decimal notation, for example 8.7 miles between home and the workplace.


Those that don't depend on the traveled distance, and one must pay to have the car available for use

Depreciation of the vehicle

Car acquisition date  -
Commercial value of the car when you bought it
if new, the price you paid for the car
if used, the commercial value the car had when you acquired it
Commercial value of the car today
if you sell it now, how much would you get?
Vehicle insurance and breakdown coverage

monthly  quarterly  half-yearly  yearly 
Car finance
Did you use auto financing to acquire the vehicle? yes no
Financed amount:
How much did you borrow?
Credit period / number of installments months
Average amount of each installment $/month
Residual value:
At the end of the credit period, how much will you still need to pay or have paid?
Vehicle inspection
How many times have you taken your car for vehicle inspection? times
Average cost per each vehicle inspection $
Vehicle Excise Tax (Auto taxes, if applicable)
Car taxes paid for owning your car:
payment made to the state

Those that depend on the traveled distance


Gas, diesel, electricity

Calculations based on mi  Dollars
$ per
Considering you drive to work?
Day(s) per week you drive to work  days/week
Miles you drive between home and the workplace (one way)  mi

Miles you drive on average during the days you don't take your car to the workplace:
for example per each weekend 
Miles you drive  mi per    
Fuel efficiency of your vehicle   mpg(US)
Average price you pay for fuel/gas   $/gallon

Average cost of maintenance and breakdown coverage:
engine oil substitution, filters, lights, tires, breaks, air conditioning, steering alignment, etc.
Repairs and improvements

Average cost on repairs and improvements:
car parts, modifications, faulty repairs, dents, collisions, tuning, etc.

Average cost with parking:
parking meters in the city, renting a parking space, underground or overground parking lots in public buildings, shopping centers, airports, bus or train stations or any other infrastructures.
Average amount spent on toll roads,
bridges, tunnels, interstates, and congestion charges to gain access to toll driving areas
Calculation based on day? yes no

Think about the rare trips you make beyond your town/city or to the countryside, or any kind of electronic toll collection $ per
Daily amount you spend on tolls $ during days per month
Traffic tickets

Average amount paid in traffic tickets:
think in the last few years about how much you paid in any kind of traffic tickets (illegal parking, speed limit violation, mobile phone usage fines, etc.)
$ per
Washing and cleaning

Average car-washing and valet parking expenses:
in service stations and other places
$ per

How many people older than 4 years old you have in your family (including you)  people

What is the average price per person of public transportation on a monthly basis for your normal daily life
if public transport isn't an option for you, insert 0


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